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Starting as a simple photo-sharing platform, Instagram has become home to over 2 billion audiences worldwide. This audience base has attracted many content creators, brands, and influencers to set up their careers on this platform. Over time, the competition on Instagram has become very fierce. In order to stand out from the rest competitors, buying some helps to gain popularity and widen the audience reach. Buy automatic Instagram likes in one such way.

It would not only help you grow your channel but also takes your game to another level. It increases your visibility among a new audience. Buying auto likes will fuel your post with a decided number of auto likes, thus building social trust and your brand’s image.

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Tip: Ensure to make your Instagram profile public while making purchases.

Our Features

Getting your likes delivered

Auto IG Likes

We provide you with the feature of automatic likes to your post whenever you post a new one. Through this you don’t have to order it again and again.
Unmatched Prices

Unbeatable Prices

We guarantee you that you would not find a single seller who would be providing the prices that we are offering.

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Instant Detection

Our software’s instantly detects the order and supply with the selected product within seconds. You just have to relax and see your account getting more and more likes.

Delay Likes

Delay Likes

We offer you the likes at a drip rate, so that your account does not arouse any suspicion. Once you have ordered your post would keep on getting the desired likes at a slower pace.
Customer Support

Amazing Customer Support

We take pride in our customer care team, they are always on their toes to help you. We are there for you 24/7 till your query or complaint is solved.

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

For us your satisfaction is the utmost priority, if you feel like you are not liking the deal you can anytime opt out of it, with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are few questions that pop up in everyone’s mind about buying Instagram auto likes.
So it is important to know the answers to them.

What are Instagram auto likes?

Through this service, you will automatically get auto likes for your future posts within a set period, which means as soon as you post any new photos or videos, the server will detect it and supply you with auto likes immediately. Thus, it saves you from buying auto likes each time you post anything.

Does this work?

Usage of Instagram is rapidly increasing. Social popularity and success take a lot of time and energy and are expensive, and it is more complicated to do everything manually. With the help of automatic auto likes, you can boost your engagement rate, traffic and widen your audience base.

Will Instagram ban if I buy automated auto likes?

No, Instagram cannot ban your account if your engagement, like auto likes, is from real users. Truefollowers because Instagram can only detect auto likes from fake and bots accounts, not from real ones. So if you buy auto likes from any authentic website, Instagram cannot do anything to your account.

Is there an option of refund available?

Yes. The refund policy depends on your service providers. But every safe and legit website consists of a refund policy. Generally, the policy is that if you are not satisfied with the services within 30 days, you can file a complaint, and your refund will be generated. The period can vary from provider to provider.

In how much time will I get these auto likes?

The service provider keeps an eye on your account 24*7. The website would detect any new post on your account in a certain time ranging from 60 seconds to 5 minutes. Once the website detects the post, auto likes start to flow immediately on your post.

Is it safe to buy automated auto likes?

Yes! It is completely legal and safe. There’s a huge industry built around this online engagement. Buying authentic and real engagement of any kind is completely safe and legal. Be careful while purchasing and not buy automatic auto likes from any fake or bots accounts.

What qualities should I look for while selecting the provider?

Selecting a safe service provider is very important. Safe and reliable sites guarantee a supply of authentic and real auto likes. Look for the following things:

  • It does not ask for any personal information
  • Has a proper customer support
  • The site is protected by SSL encryption
  • Look for the type of delivery

Should I share my password with the service provider?

No, you should not provide your password to the service provider. If any website is asking you for your password, then avoid that site. Such sites do not offer security. In addition, legit sites do not require passwords to supply auto likes or any type of engagement for your account.

Will automated auto likes work on my earlier post also?

Auto likes are not sent automatically to your older posts on Instagram. However, automatic auto likes are available for future posts. Although some service providers offer an option to purchase credits, you can send auto likes to any of your older posts manually.

Can I get auto likes for a private account?

Unfortunately, you cannot. All service providers require your account to be public to detect any new post on your account. Therefore, they are unable to provide engagement like auto likes to a private account on their own.

Reliable and Safe Site to Buy
Automatic Instagram Likes

Before selecting the website from which you plan to buy likes, check all its pros and cons.


We are the name you can trust

Truefollowers is one of the most trusted websites for buying Instagram auto auto likes. The main focus of this platform is to maintain a balance between automated and manual activities. Buying auto likes for every Instagram post separately can be painful. So We help you to buy automatic instagram likes for your every upload at once.

If you are at the initial stage of this platform, then this platform can help you. After registering with us and selecting your package, all you need is to post. Automatic instagram likes will arrive at the speed you decide. It provides random auto likes to make them look natural. You can choose to delay auto likes, and more importantly, you can unsubscribe at any time. The pricing options are very diverse – for just $ 9.99, you can buy 50 auto likes for each post. This service is restricted to only four posts each day. It detects any new upload on its own and provides auto likes within 5 minutes of upload.

The website guarantees confidentiality through a 100% secure trading platform, and no password is required for purchasing. In addition, it also provides 24×7 customer support and has a brilliant team to meet your needs. Its main goal is to provide customer satisfaction in every possible way. It provides trustworthy auto likes as it understands the importance of maintaining a good reputation among the audience. It gives you flexibility regarding how often you want to add auto likes, offering a great degree of liberty and freedom while taking their services.


Best Social media engagement

Another amazing online platform for buying social media engagement. Depending on the plan you have chosen, it will help you increase your number of followers, automatic instagram likes, views, and followers for your account. They provide engagement for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok services. For example, for only $ 6, you can get 500 automatic auto likes for your account on Instagram.

This site gives you some advanced targeting and filtering options, so you can adjust settings like location or gender to gain high-quality automatic Instagram likes. They have designed two main packages for you: launch and accelerate. If you are a beginner wishing for moderate growth, the launch model is for you. On the other hand, if you are struggling to get engagement for your account and you wish to boost your numbers, then the accelerate model is especially for you.

We provide easy, hassle-free services and 100% engaging and genuine auto likes. These auto likes are from real accounts, providing you a remarkable opportunity to engage with a new audience group. In addition, the more people interact with your account, the more people will come to support you.

They believe in ensuring excellent quality and reliability. We have a good customer service system and a safe return policy. You even get a 14 days money-back guarantee if they fail to satisfy you. It is also reliable regarding privacy because it does not require you to enter any password and only requires your email ID and username.


Real, original and engaging auto likes

If you don’t want bot accounts to interact with your Instagram posts, then you can consider buying instagram likes from this site. This company only offers its services to Instagram, so you know you’ll get some specialized features that you won’t find anywhere else.

We ensure that each customer benefits from a service tailored and customized according to their specific needs.

Their customer support team is very responsive and reliable. You can decide if you want immediate engagement or deferred service. You can also choose to target a specific country to add an extra element of authenticity to your auto likes and account. With us, you have several ways to make your payment.

Also, it gives you a special discount if you want to get automatic auto likes across multiple accounts. With their competitive pricing plans and the commitment to high-quality auto likes and other engagement options, their service team can be trusted for your Instagram growth plans.

With us, you can buy automatic Instagram likes in batches of 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, and 10,000. They can then be divided by the number of auto likes needed for each post. All these auto likes come from real user accounts, and they are gradually distributed throughout your posts naturally. Finally, you can order personalization by contacting the company through the web form. If some auto likes disappear over time due to some technical issues, the company will quickly replace them. We will do all the hard work to make you popular on Instagram.


Become a viral sensation overnight

As its name advice, we allow you to quickly go viral on social media platforms like Instagram, which every influencer or brand dreams of today. We enjoy a good reputation on social media platforms and has now become one of the top competitors in its niche. They prioritize the provision of quality services and will not make concessions, such as adding the auto likes of robot cars. Its prices are budget-friendly, and it provides you with services that are good value for money.

The best feature of this site is its confidentiality and security. You do not need to provide a password when registering. Their customer care services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you face any issue. In addition, when you post anything new on your account, they will automatically detect it and gives you auto likes according to your package.


In this modernizing world, the competition on social media is increasing every second. So naturally, you don’t wish to be left behind in this race because of a lack of resources. However, if you want to be on the winning side and above everyone, you require some external help. So to make a strong and lasting impression on people worldwide, it is important to buy engagement for your channel.

But buying auto likes every time you post something can be painful. Instagram auto likes come as a savior. This enables you to buy auto likes for many of your posts at once. Buying from safe and legitimate sites is important to get real auto likes. When you decide to buy automatic Instagram likes from a service, it is crucial that you first research that service thoroughly, and we have done this research for you. Truefollowers is reliable and guarantees to supply authentic engagement for your account.