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Use our service to the number of views you want on your Instagram posts and stories. Indefinite activities accessible for continuously receiving daily growth, that too without any surveys. At the Truefollowers, we offer you our premium services.

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Fastest Delivery

Fastest Delivery

We have instant delivery on all our Instagram views packages which means almost no delays for you. Watch your video views count and engagement rate rise in a matter of minutes.
Highest Quality Service

Genuine Products

We offer the most authentic followers, likes and views products in the market. All our follows and likes are by our own network of thousands of genuine accounts.
Customer Support

Excellent Support

After you become our customer we are even more concerned about your social media wellbeing. You can always ask for our insight and help after the sale is done, we would be more than happy to help you out.

Why Truefollowers?

No Password Required


There are a lot of reasons to opt for truefollowers. But, one of the best and genuine reasons is security. This is one of the primary concerns of people who purchase anything online. You have to pay us through your credit card (VISA/ Mastercard) or PayPal for security reasons among the payment options. We don’t need your Instagram information other than your username. And for the record, we DON’T require your Instagram password.

Our Assurance

Better Experience

Our crew has been a qualified and experienced team in the thigh area for almost five years. And because of that, we know the industry’s requirements, and we act as required to that. We guarantee you satisfaction if you opt for regarding your social media marketing procedures. The greatest motivation for us is that our customers who taste the website keep coming back for more.

Delivery Within 24-72 Hours

Delivery Within 24-72 Hours

As we have mentioned above, we do not deliver bots or fake views to do our job; we advertise your profile all over the internet; if people like your work, they would definitely view your videos and would further follow in an extreme case. So the delivery takes almost 24-72 hours. It might take a lot of time, but the results are high-quality and are long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I begin using

For beginning to use, All you have to do is register yourself. The process is already described on our home page; you can go and check it out. Login is pretty necessary, even if you are purchasing any service in bulk. For login, all you require is your Instagram username, Email address, and password.

Do you get access to my account after I give you the details?

No, this is not how it works. We do not ask you for your Instagram password or any login info. We ask for your Instagram username so that we know the account we have to work on. Nothing more than that. We wouldn’t have control over your Instagram ID.

What if I want to change my username while a paid subscription/s is activated?

If you have determined to switch your Instagram username when you are getting your services from our website, the services will come to a halt after doing that. So it is suggested that you must wait for your paid subscription to end. Or you can log in again on our website mentioning your new password; send us a mail afterward letting us know about the change in your username.

Will this website ever decrease the quality of my profile?

As we have mentioned above, we deliver high-quality followers, resulting in the uncertainty of those viewers not viewing your Instagram videos or reels, resulting in no views. And because of that, we make sure that we deliver the views which help you in the long run.

How does works?

Our websites offer real and active viewers. So for that, all we do is show your posts in the feed of people as a promotion, which makes people notice your profile, they will view your video, and boom, you will get instagram views from a lot of people that way. And if people start to like your profile, they will most certainly follow you and like your other posts.

Do you offer services for Instagram only?

No, we offer services for other social media platforms also. We offer views, likes, comments, and shares for YouTube, plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments, and reposts for SoundCloud, plays, playlist followers and followers for Spotify and followers for Twitter.

Will my Instagram ID get into trouble for these services?

Never! If you purchase from other shady websites, you might get into trouble for that, but you would never get into trouble for increasing your views with the help of our website. You will not be violating Instagram’s terms of service; you will not be getting any bots. All the views that you will get from our websites are from real and active pages.

When will I start to see results in my account for what I have paid?

The minimum time required to deliver your order would be within 24 hours, and the maximum would be 72 hours after your purchase. Your order starts processing as soon as you place it; it takes up a little time to deliver it to you as we deliver real and active viewers and followers.

Is it safe for my Instagram profile to using your website?

We guarantee you safety, as we offer the most trustworthy and secure services. Our website is recommended by almost 100,000 people, who are currently using our websites. We have no idea about any other website, but we are a reputed service provider.

Can we have some faith in you?

Without any doubt. It is kind of obvious to have second thoughts about anything, be it a show that you’re purchasing or our services. The doubt in the service providers is common and genuine. But you can count on us for safety and refund money if anything bad happens on our side.

How to Buy Instagram Views?

The procedure of getting high-quality and targeted views from our websites is pretty simple.
There are four simple steps for getting the number of followers you want.

Step 1: Select and Activate your plan

All you have to do is choose the option that you desire. Unlike many websites, this website offers its services for Instagram and other social media platforms, such as youtube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Spotify, and Pinterest. But there is a wide range of packages for Instagram, such as:

After that, just opt for your desired plan. Below every plan, there is a mention of price and its features, so you know what you are buying and what comes with it.

Step 2: Payment

After registration and selection of the plan, you have to pay us through credit card (VISA and MasterCard) and PayPal. Other than that, you can also pay us in bitcoins.

Step 3: you can see the progress

After paying us, you can start seeing visible results in 24-72 hours.


With our help, you can bring your Instagram profile to a very high level and increase your social media game in a short amount of time. Our website’s target is to be one of the greatest solutions for social media platforms. So, try out our services, and we will make sure that you won’t regret it.