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Protocol to Buy Instagram Likes:
A step by step approach

The process to buying Instagram likes from Truefollowers is simple!

Select a Package

Step 1: Deciding on a package & getting a consultation

You need to understand that a sudden increase in likes on your IG account might cause speculations among your existing followers. So, decide a package and the number of likes required that match your follower count. Now, pick a package. You can also get a consultation on reaching our 24X7 team.

buying IG likes

Step 2: Deciding the post on which to receive likes

The next step involves deciding on the post you would like to receive Instagram likes and get viral. If you are buying IG likes for the first time, then choose the right post to go viral, which pushes for organic growth.

Instagram username

Step 3: Providing your Instagram username

We respect privacy, so we do not demand your account password to deliver your Instagram likes. All that we require is your username and the post URL to deliver likes.

Making the payment

Step 4: Making the payment

Now that everything is set, make the payment to receive confirmation. Once the payment is received, we will process your request instantly.

Getting your likes delivered

Step 5: Getting your likes delivered

Your likes will then get delivered to you instantly. All you have to do is sit back, wait, and watch how your account gain visibility magically.

Payment Methods Accepted

For the ease of our customers to achieve a flawless payment experience, we have expanded our payment system. This includes;
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Net Banking
  • Other

Buy Instagram Likes Real & Instant

Fastest Delivery

Instant Delivery

You would get the fastest delivery with us. The moment we get your order our system is built as such that your account would start receiving the desired product.

Unmatched Prices

Unmatched Prices

For what we offer, our prices are the most competitive in the market. No one does it like Truefollowers. This is our very own exclusive, in-house product. You will see the difference.

100% Real Likes

100% Real Likes

We take pride in stating that we offer you only real likes. Unlike the other players in the market who give bot likes, our likes are 100% from the real accounts.

Customer Support

24/7 Support

All our customer support executives are anytime available for your support and query. We offer you 24/7 365 days a year support.

Our Assurance

Our Guarantee

We have so much faith in our own products and team that we can give a guarantee on our products that they would be delivered in time and would be 100% as promised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you consider this investment of buying Instagram likes?

Increased Instagram likes to activate the IG algorithm, and your page will rank better in the SERP results and obtain the limelight you deserve.

Will I see exponential growth in my Instagram account?

By buying likes from our site, you will see exponential growth in your profile’s visibility as the likes delivered are from active and genuine followers.

Do I need to share my password to buy Instagram likes?

Absolutely Not! You do not need to share your IG password; your IG username is all you have to provide us.

Do you provide consultation?

Yes, we offer consultation and 24X7 customer support with our dedicated team.

Are the likes delivered from active IG users?

Yes, the likes are delivered from authentic Instagram users who are genuinely interested in your post, allowing retention.

Do I need to keep my IG account private?

No! If you wish to get your likes delivered, you should toggle your IG account to the business profile mode.

Are international payments accepted?

Yes, we accept international payments from over 50 countries. If you experience any difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact customer support, and your query will be resolved in no time.

Busting Myths About Buying Instagram Likes

There are many myths involved when it comes to buying Instagram likes. Such myths were designed to scare off budding influencers, brands, and businesses to buy Instagram likes to gain visibility. Many celebrities have used this tactic to buy Instagram likes; they have taken a leap of faith, then why can’t you? Let’s decipher the myths involved in buying Instagram likes so that you can get some clarity and take the right decision to grow your IG page.

Busting Myths 101

  1. Reduced Engagement

    This is one of the most comment myths about buying Instagram likes. However, this myth turns into a fact when you do a grave mistake of buying Instagram likes from sites that are not genuine and offer likes from bot users. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing the right site to buy Instagram likes that are authentic, active, real, and genuine. Hence, reduced engagement is something you won’t experience if you buy Instagram likes from our site.

  2. Bot Comments/traffic

    The same scenario applied to this aspect of your social media growth. Getting likes from authentic/active users allows an organic increase of traffic and launches your Instagram page higher in the SERP results. You can compare it with an energy booster needed for efficient performance. If you buy IG likes from an authentic account, your account will inevitably see organic traffic and growth. However, if you buy IG likes from unrecognized sources, then it is definite that you can receive bot comments or traffic from dead users or bot accounts.

  3. Destroy Credibility

    Every individual who seeks to grow their IG account seeks to establish Credibility more than anything else. However, one needs to understand that buying Instagram likes does not mean that your Credibility is destroyed. In fact, buying Instagram likes in a smart and distributed manner will project the organic growth of your IG page, and it will project a positive image on your existing followers. Furthermore, increased likes also allow visibility, and if you are consistent in your posts, your followers will also increase organically. Hence, your Credibility is not destroyed by buying Instagram likes.

  4. Instagram purges like that have been bought

    It is often said to listen to be experts as they know what they are doing. While many claims that Instagram blocks users who buy Instagram likes, in the first place, they are the ones who have no idea about it. As experts in SM marketing, we have helped many customers, and they haven’t experienced such an issue. Hence, this is definitely a myth, and so, you can buy Instagram likes without falling astray of these false claims.

Top Reasons to Buy Instagram likes

Now that you have gained some clarity on the subject of buying Instagram likes is time to understand the benefits of buying Instagram likes. When you invest in the right manner, your future is laid down in a path of gold and glitter. Such investment includes buying Instagram likes. There are various benefits involved in buying Instagram likes and help you achieve a sustainable career and income source when approached in the right manner.

Here is a list of top reasons why you should buy Instagram likes.

Best place to buy instagram likes
  1. Likes establish Credibility

    You might wonder about the benefits of buying Instagram likes and how it affects your account. Instagram likes many inferences and does not just focus on engagement. When your posts project a good number of likes, it establishes Credibility to your IG posts. For instance, if your IG page focuses on a particular brand, increased likes also infer people’s interest in your product. Hence, when you buy IG likes and when your posts project a high number of likes, your Credibility is established on social media deeming you genuine and authentic.

  2. Likes infers popularity

    It goes without saying that having a good number of likes on your IG account infers fame and popularity. When your posts receive many likes, your IG page also receives huge traffic from highly active users. This enhances your profile visibility and attracts users to follow your account. As a result, your profile will also start ranking higher in the SERP results, and slowly your page starts growing at an exponential rate. Therefore, when you buy Instagram likes, your path to fame and success is laid down.

  3. Attract Brands/Advertisers

    When you have a good number of Instagram likes on your account and traffic, you might even attract brands and advertisers who seek to use your platform to promote their products. Hence, if you have a good number of likes on your posts, your IG account turns into a money-making machine. Advertisers and brands pay a hefty sum to an individual who has a wider reach on their account for promoting their products. However, since the brand/advertiser is paying you to promote their products, they might carefully inspect your account regarding likes, comments, and followers. You can achieve all of this by availing of the services offered by us.

  4. Establish fan following

    Who wouldn’t want a fan following for their work? Every individual these days is seeking recognition for their work. However, to gain recognition for their work, people should be interested in it and give credit to the person responsible for it publicly. This can be achieved using Instagram by buying Instagram likes. Think about it! Who would receive recognition for the same painting? A person with maximum likes on the same post or the person with minimum likes on the same post. The former has public support, and the credit goes to him/her. Hence, buying Instagram likes also establishes a fan following where you will get recognition for your work while creating content.

  5. Likes motivates for content creation & consistent posts

    Furthermore, having a good number of likes infers that the audience likes your work. This motivates you to be consistent with your posts and inspires you to create entertaining content. Additionally, you will also gain confidence and be a better version of yourself. However, to achieve such a feat or consistent growth of your account, one needs to buy Instagram likes in the beginning. This will launch their IG page and help attract audiences organically. Hence, you will be motivated and be inspired to create entertaining content and achieve great heights in your career as a social media enthusiast.

  6. Increased Engagement

    We know what we are doing when it comes to social media engagement and traffic. The very fact that you are reading this proves our capabilities of outreach, traffic, and engagement. When you buy Instagram likes from us, your account’s growth won’t plateau. In fact, it will grow exponentially as the likes delivered to your account is from a target audience who are genuinely interested in your content. Hence, you do not have to pay further to seek engagement from your audience, provided you create entertaining content. With our services, and your talent to entertain the audience with unique content, you will be an Instagram diva in no time and have a wider reach.

  7. Turn your IG page into a successful business

    Once you start getting likes on your post, there is yet so much to do. In addition to having popularity on your side, you will also have the power to have a successful business inevitably. For instance, you will benefit from having a good sales rate by promoting products. Additionally, you can invite advertisers to promote with a commission. Furthermore, you can also attract brands that will let you become their brand ambassadors and help kick start your YouTube channel (if you aim to be a YouTuber). Hence, the possibilities are many to turn your IG page with many likes into a successful business and restricted to your creativity.

Here is What Will Happen If You Buy Instagram Likes

  • Increase traffic to your IG page.
  • Kick starts your Instagram accounts visibility.
  • Gain recognition for your work.
  • Attract brands/advertisers/target audience.
  • Transform yourself into an entrepreneur.
  • Gain heavy profits from your investment.
  • Get an official blue tick in the near future.
  • Achieve a wider and diverse audience.
  • Start monetizing your content.
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Choosing the Right Package and Being a Picky Buyer to Buy Instagram Likes

You might raise speculations among your existing IG followers if they notice a sudden increase in likes on your Instagram post. However, you can avoid such speculation if you gradually increase likes on each post. For instance, you can start with 250 likes and slowly go as high as 10k likes. In such a scenario, you can avoid instigating such speculations among your existing followers and achieve instant growth simultaneously.

Furthermore, it is essential not to concentrate all the likes on a single post when buying IG likes. Instead, try to distribute likes equally on your posts to maintain a consistent and clean account. For example, it wouldn’t look good if you have 100 likes on one post and 1000 likes on the next immediate post.

  • Buy Smarter
  • Analyze required package
  • Equal distribution of likes
  • Don’t be greedy think logically.
  • Buy from authentic and legitimate sites.

Here is What Will Happen If You Buy Instagram Likes

  • Use Hashtags wherever possible.
  • Ensure your content is entertaining.
  • Create a report on posts receiving maximum traffic and minimum traffic.
  • Understand the demand of your audience and the type of content that they like.
  • Enhance your graphic skills and learn Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator or other graphic software.
  • Switch your IG profile into a business account to gain analytics.
  • Collaborate with other brands to increase traffic.
  • Be consistent with your posts.
  • Select packages to buy IG likes on careful inspection and cross-referencing the number of followers.
  • Formulate captions that engage with clients.
  • Ask your friends to repost your posts.
  • Give cross-referencing opportunities on other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
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